Return Policy

Return Policy


We have a 5-day return policy. If the product is returned within 5 days, the product is eligible for being returned or exchanged, beyond that, the product will not be exchanged.

The prerequisite condition for a product being eligible for return is that it should still be in its original packing, and it should be completely unused and undamaged.

There are a few exceptions to the 5-day return policy, however. Products such as, most edible items or flowers and such that are not usable beyond a certain measure of time cannot be returned.  Products that are used for sanitation and or personal care are also not returnable or refundable.

Other products that are not eligible for return are:

  • Greeting cards
  • Products that may already have been consumed.
  • Products whose original packing has been harmed in some way.
  • Products whose serial number is not discernible or unavailable.

For returning the product, some evidence of the purchase made is to be presented before the returning process can be initiated. Needless to say, the products must be within the seven day period. The call must be made before the seven day period, even if the product is collected or the return process can be initiated after that period.

It is not advisable to send the product back to the manufacturer of the product.

There are various instances where only a part of the original paid some would be returned.

  • A periodical or a book that shows clear signs of use or wear and tear. Any markings or usage of a pen or any writing instrument might also make in ineligible for return or exchange.
  • Any storage drive or compact disc or music record that may have tampered with in any way or is opened, even if the packaging doesn’t look too damaged. The amount of partial return will be decided on the degree of the said damage.
  • A product that may have had bad packaging because of an error on the part of the delivery company or because of us. If the product has been sent to you without the complete set of parts or mismatching parts will also be covered or compensated for. Also, if the product is sent without the advertised parts that were extra or part of an offer will also make the product eligible for partial payment.
  • If the product has been returned after the 30 day period is over, then an exception can be made under certain circumstances.

Our policy on refunds, if at all necessary.

After receiving the product from you, we will thoroughly inspect the product to discerning actually if at all the condition of the product complies with the prerequisite conditions of making refunds for the original amount paid for the product, only then will we entertain the possibility of allowing the return of a product. You will be informed if whether the amount paid for the product you purchased will be returned or not, within a given period after receiving the product from you

If your refund if approved within a specified period, then your product will be returned to whichever your original mode of payment was, whether it was a credit card or bank transfer and such. Although you could notify us in regards to how you would like to be given the return, preferably in the form of a bank transfer.

Our Policy, if the product is returned too late or if the return has been delayed extensively

In the instance you have not received a return in your bank account, check again to see if the transfer has been made in your bank statement.

In the instance, your product was purchased via payment with a credit card and then calls the credit card company to ask them if the return has been made, as it may take a while before they post it on your statement.

It is also ideal to contact your bank after that as things such as processing can often take a while before an amount if cleared.

After all these methods of inquiries have been exhausted, and you have still received no return, and then you may contact to Jstbuy Store, so as to ask how to proceed beyond that point

Policy regarding products that may have been purchased during a sale

Sale items cannot be returned sadly, only products purchased at the normal price may be returned.

Policy on exchanges

Products that may have been damaged or have any manufacturing defects may be returned. In such an instance contact to Jstbuy Store so that exchange process can be initiated.

Policy on Gifts

If the product entitled for return was marked as a gift, then you will receive a gift card matching the amount of return. After having received the product from you, we will courier you the gift card to your address.

If the ordered product had not been marked as a gift or the person who placed the order had had the product ordered to his own address and then gifted it to you, then the gift card will be given to him, and he will thus be informed about the return.

Shipping Policy

To have your item replaced, you have to contact to Jstbuy Store.

You are required to have the product at your own discretion, and thus, you will have to pay for the shipping of the product. You will not be compensated for the charge of shipping, and the charge will be deducted from the amount of return you will receive.

The locality in which you live might affect in how much time the product will be collected, exchanged, returned or refunded.

In the instance the item you are sending costs more than 3000, it is strongly advisable to get a traceable shipment or, at least, get the shipment insured for any mishap that might happen. We are neither accountable for, nor can we guarantee that we will receive the product.