Electric USB Rechargeable Lighter With Smart Fingerprint Sensor (Multicolor)

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⭐️ Eco-friendly - Low impact and long lasting, Flameless - Uses no gas or butane.
⭐️ Carry everywhere even in restricted area such as office etc where use of normal cigarette lighter is restricted
⭐️ Can be used while heavy wind blowing
⭐️ Rechargeable USB Smart Electronic Cigarette Lighter Easy to carry pocket size lighter Flameless and Environment Friendly
⭐️ Small Enough To Fit Into One's Pocket But It Still Strong.

Powered by a rechargeable battery. No Gas/Fuel Is Required.
Can be charged by using USB Slot and does not need fill any fuel into it.
Does not create a flame, it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly.
Uses intense heat to light cigarettes.
Lights a cigarette in any weather.
Perfect travel gadget.
It has a fashion outlook,that will make you be very attractive in the group.


  • Purpose: cigarette, ignition etc.
  • Principle: electric heating ignition wire
  • Size: as the picture show
  • Color: Multicolor

How To Use:
1.When the cover is opened, the LED will automatically light to indicate the status of the battery and can be powered at any time.
2.Touch the touch sensor to start discharging and can ignite.
3.Release the touch sensor,( about 10 seconds) stop the discharge, and complete the ignition.
4. When the cover is closed, it will not start to discharge even if the touch sensor is touched.(Close the lid after the ignition is completed)

Package Content:
1 x Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter
1 x USB charging Cable
1 x Box

Cigarette Lighter time lights, stop lights flash when the low battery discharge to protect the battery, charging lights, lights off when fully charged. Usually 2-5 hours to fully charge.

1.Not suitable for children under 8 years old. It is an electric lighter, not a toy.
2.Do not place the lighter in water or other liquids. This lighter is windproof but not waterproof.
3.The Lighter is an electronic product, although it has been fully charged before we shipment, but the transport time longer, we can not guarantee that still full charge when you received.Please check the lighter when you received it,if the lighter have no electricity ,the LED flashes to indicate that yo


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